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We provide extensive training specifically catered to each individual’s unique learning style and skill level.

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About Us

We understand business ownership is frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. The bigger you grow the bigger your problems and challenges become. There are a multitude of solutions to every business challenge available on the market today, yet most owners have difficulty implementing those solutions in a lasting and effective way. We are here to take a personalized approach to helping you run and sustain your business.


A Diffrent Perspective

Business coaches offer a new way of looking at your company’s situation. Sometimes, a problem can seem insurmountable, but a new perspective can unlock the solution quickly. A business consultant ca…


Our business coaches and consultants take a very personal approach to improving your business. Instead of installing a cookie-cutter program for every client, we address your company’s needs individ…


Companies of all sizes benefit from Business consultants in Winston Salem. Whether you need help getting your new company off the ground or you want to reevaluate time-tested methods, Inspired Busines…

Individual Business Coaching

Business coaching is a relationship. It’s the relationship where you can be completely honest about the current reality of your business. A relationship where you will be supported, where you will be guided and where you’ll be challenged as you work ‘on’ your business rather than ‘in’ your business.

The Cager Group